Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rough Crossing Article/Flies

ROUGH CROSSING: Here's a link to an interesting article in today's Education Guardian: http://education.guardian.co.uk/schools/story/0,,2166229,00.html

This is all about how secondary school kids on the neighbouring island of Coll have to go to Oban to continue their educational career. Strange when here, on Tiree, a mere two miles across the water, we have an almost fully staffed school. Our kids don't have to leave the island to finish their education.

I remember a few years back a feasibility study was commissioned by Argyll and Bute Council all about establishing a causeway or bridge between Tiree and Coll. Click Here. I can't find the results on the Council's web page. It is a long time ago, after all. If memory serves me well, there was no great enthusiasm for the plan on either island.

It has always seemed to me a great shame that the kids on Coll have to leave home for such long periods of time. When I was offered a job here on Tiree the first thing I wanted to know was if Jenny would have to go to Oban for her education. If the answer had been 'yes' we wouldn't have come. That's just a personal thing and is not meant as a criticism of anyone who sends their kids away from the island for their education.

It's an interesting read, this article. Click on the link and tell me what you think.

FLIES! I always sleep with the bedroom window open. Even if there's a gale blowing outside. I just can't sleep in a room that doesn't have a good supply of fresh air.

Last night I was pretty tired and went up to bed at about 9:30. I soon fell asleep. Next thing I know Joanne is waking me up, telling me the entire upper storey of our house is infested with flies. Little green flies.

I looked up. The ceiling was covered in them. I got up. The hall was heaving with them.

Evidently, they'd seen the light coming from my bedroom, assumed the open window meant 'come on in' and took up residence.

We just could not sleep in that room! So we got out the sleeping bags and went downstairs. We slept on the living room floor.

And guess what? I had the best night's sleep I've had in ages!

Anyway, this morning I bought fly killer. I hate to kill any living creature -yes, even a fly. But I had no choice. I explained this to my little buddies before I massacred them.

Now I have a house littered with the corpses of thousands of green fly. Oh! and how it pongs! I am writing this in the kitchen, the only place I can go in the house without my eyes watering.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Oh No!!! Having masses of flies in my house is like my Worst Nightmare Ever!!

Well, the wee green flies are not as bad as the big buzzy blue bottles so it could have been worse!!

janis cuevas said...

I've often wondered why the Scots (inventive people as we are) have never taken up the use of window screens-given the billions of midges that inhabit the highlands and islands. We ran into the problem in the isles last year as we too like to sleep with an open window but prefer no bites!

drmathew said...
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