Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nothing New Under The Sun

You will recall I recently went to Aviemore. On the way back home I dropped in to the Highland Folk Museum at Newtonmore. It was there that one of my traveling companions brought my attention to the object in the picture. It is a wind turbine. So what? I hear you say. Well, the amazing thing is that this turbine was built sometime in the 1920's. According to the description, it cost something like £30 to erect. Of course, it is a rather puny affair when compared to the mighty structure at An Talla (which is puny enough when compared with the colossi to be found in some parts of our green and pleasant land). Actually, I have no idea whether the thing is ever put to use or if it is even capable of still undertaking the task it was built for (which I presume to be the generation of electricity). Perhaps someone out there in the blogosphere knows.

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Mark Jennison said...

Hi Gordon

Looks to me like it's a Lucas Freelight wind turbine, built before the war to charge batteries. Apparently there were quite a few of them on Tiree at the same time. Alistair at An Iodhlan remembers them being on various crofts, used to power light bulbs inside. The blades were made of wood and apparently were quite noisy! Wonder if any are still lurking in old sheds?
Mark J