Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Cat is Itchy, My Head Aches and a Gorilla is selling Cadbury's Chocolate.


What a lovely day it's been.  The sun has shone on Tiree all day long.  Only light breezes.  As I sit here in the kitchen and write this blog the sun is still visible over the top of the school.  The washing is in and the midges are out.  Joanne is pottering about, Radio Scotland on our old Roberts Radio.

This morning I had a great run on the beach at Gott Bay.  Only about three miles but run at a good clip.  No pain.  Got a bit of the sun, actually.

This afternoon my cat, Connie, and I sat round the front of the house.  My poor cat is a matter of great concern to me.  She is tormented most days by an itch.  She doesn't have fleas and she has been wormed.  It seems she has an allergy of some kind.  In fact, the lady we got her from has told us that Connie's mother suffered from the same thing.  We give her anti-allergy pills but these have only limited success.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Calling all you cat-lovers out there: help!

(Joanne just gave me a piece of chocolate: Cadbury's Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut.  The first chocolate I've eaten in about a week.  Delicious!  But can it cause problems with excess bodily hair?  See Above.)

And while we're on the Call For Help theme: for a long time I've had a pain above my left eye when I breathe in.  Well, not a pain, exactly, more a dull ache.  When I close my left nostril with my finger and breathe in through the right nostril the pain disappears.  It's taken me a long time to figure out that this is a sinus problem of some kind.  I've tried every kind of pain killer on the market and a couple of sprays but nothing seems to help.  Suggestions are very, very welcome.

(I ended up eating three pieces of the chocolate.  Well you know what they say: a little bit of what you fancy is good for you.)

I see the Tiree branch of the  Scottish Women's Rural Institute are holding a coffee afternoon at the Resource Centre on Saturday afternoon.  It's in aid of the Macmillan's Cancer Research so that should be worth a visit.

(Joanne is looking through a vitamin catalogue.  There's an item she's spotted: Hoodia GordoniiA slimming product used by bushmen while out hunting to suppress their hunger and maintain energy levels.  Not only does it seem to have been named after me, it also seems to target two of my biggest problems in life!)


janis cuevas said...

Hi Gordon - I'd start by changing the cats diet. Many pet allergies are linked to diet!
Loved the gorilla/chocolate commercial. US TV ads are not so imaginative.

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