Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mexican Independence Day and the Tiree 10k

mijares September 16th was Mexican Independence Day. My friend, Janis Cuevas, who lives in California, sent me this photograph of her husband, Manuel, at the Mijares Mexican Restaurant at Pasadena, north of Los Angeles, where the family were celebrating. And is that a Tiree 10k T-shirt Manuel is wearing? You better believe it. I sent this across to them as a wee memento from Tiree.

Some weeks back Janis actually sent me a T-shirt publicizing this very restaurant and I feel compelled to have a picture taken of me wearing it and adopting the same pose next time I happen to be in a pub or eatery. ¡Viva la Independencia!


janis cuevas said...

Great Gordon! Can't wait to see the Tiree version - but when did the Mijares t-shirt become yours!!???

Gordon Scott said...

Janis, that's an excellent point. Let's just say that I'm 'looking after it' while Joanne is on her 'get fit' regime. Trust me. :-)