Saturday, August 04, 2007

The worst mistake a man can make.

In yesterday's blog I recorded my wife's birthday as August 7th. Of course that is incorrect. It was her birthday yesterday and that was the 3rd. Why I gave the incorrect date I have no idea. That's got to be the worst mistake a man can make. I would edit it but Jo has left a comment. The important thing is that she got her cards and kisses yesterday.

When I bought her card I picked up the wrong envelope in the shop and the card didn't fit Oh and the baggage handlers' strike at Glasgow Airport means that her other wee birthday present hasn't arrived yet in the post yet. And because I have some kind of a bug she is actually soothing my feverish brow.

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J. Scott Cameron said...

"That's got to be the worst mistake a man can make." ... I am going to quote you the next times I come under the wrath of women. As long as I don't forget the birthdate all is a-ok ; ) so says Gordon.