Sunday, August 12, 2007


Last Tuesday, I think it was. Just an ordinary day. I was at home at home when Billy the Post drove in. I went out to meet him. We briefly discussed the weather.

Then Billy handed over my mail. As well as the usual bills, flyer's and so forth there was a small box which had come from the States.

I took the mail into the kitchen and began to carefully open the small box. What could this be? I was not expecting anything from anyone across the pond ...

Inside the box there appeared to a small object. It was in bubble wrap. I began to discern that the object was a figure of some kind. I finally removed the last of the wrapping.

And there he was: a little red squirrel.

Let me share with you the note which accompanied the little parcel:

Sorry, but I couldn't resist! He's been a guest in my house for about 10 years and I think that it's time he saw a bit more of the world. Besides, on Tiree - NO trees = NO squirrels. Right? Please enjoy him and apologies to Joanne for sending clutter from my home to her. Janis.

So, my new little friend was sent to me by my Californian friend, Janis. No doubt this was to serve as a reminder forever of my near-death experience with a squirrel not so long ago in York.

Janis: I will treasure him always.

Oddly enough, as you may be able to see from the picture, our new little house guest is obviously a red squirrel whereas the demon who attacked me was a grey squirrel.

The grey squirrel are an alien species and were introduced to the UK from the USA in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. Their success has been to the detriment of our native red squirrels.

So it's nice that our new friend has actually come to us from, of all places, the USA.

We have decided to call him Tufty. If you don't come from these shores you won't understand. All will be revealed if you CLICK HERE.

Do yourself a favour and watch the video. You will never go to the ice-cream van without your mummy again.

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J. Scott Cameron said...

LOL...u look nuttier than a squirrel gordon. great photo. cheers, scott. (i bet squirrels are your buds now). when you come to guelph you can got nuts with many.

janis cuevas said...

bloody hell Gordon! I may never eat ice cream again!!!
Tufty came from the Lake Tahoe area where the California red squirrel may still be in existence. Apparently the reds are almost extinct here too. Did see a lot of road signs around Loch Tay last year to warn that we were in "red" territory. They're awfully cute so I hope they make a comeback.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

I was a member of the Tufty Club! I learned many, many life skills there. Good old Tufty Fluffytail.