Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rumours, Burping Dogs and Running

I've heard from a number of people this week that I've a) handed in my notice at work and/or b) that I'm leaving Tiree. One or two people have said to me that they 'read it on my blog' but then go on to say that they didn't actually read it themselves: someone told them that's what I wrote.

It must have been those two 'deep' entries I posted a couple of weeks past. I lost most of you there. I lost myself a bit too, to be honest. Anyway: in response to the rumours: I have not and I am not.

Most people who email me about the blog or leave a comment don't live on Tiree. I think I subconsciously assume that no-one on Tiree reads these ramblings.

Joanne and I had a nice time last night visiting our friends John and Fran who have their camper van parked over at Balephetrish. They have a mad dog, a collie, called Beau. Beau is the only dog I've ever known who burps. He also regularly sends me emails and rarely forgets my birthday. This isn't a shaggy dog story, by the way ...

Next challenge up for me is the Coll Half Marathon on the 25th of this month. Me, Joanne and a bunch of our friends are going over to Coll to take part. I'm not running the half marathon event, just the 10k. It'll be a bit of an adventure, I'm sure, and I'll keep you up to date with the preparations to get on and off Coll within 24 hours with a race, a camp and a party to somehow be squeezed in.

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J. Scott Cameron said...

aye gordo. if you got your notice...congrats! i hope you won the lottery. makes no diff can't leave are tiree!

aye, you write deep gordo, that's why you are read. keep it up mate.

i bet many on tiree read your blog. makes me wonder why they don't post. oh well.

lol re: Beau. lyne's dog sometimes farts. ok to to say fart in here?

aye, 10km Coll...go gordo go! i am with you all the way man. albeit i will be canoe camping up in northern ontario in killarney at that time. do an extra few kms for me mate! ; )

party hardy in coll. all the best to gjj. cheers, scott.