Saturday, August 04, 2007


When I was down in Dover visiting Jeff, my cousin, I happened to mention in conversation an occasion when I 'took the cold'.  He thought this was hilarious.  Down there you don't take the cold: you get the cold, you catch the cold but you never, ever take the cold.  
Well, I really have taken, caught or got something.  No sore throat, no runny nose, but I definitely have the dreaded lurgy.
It can only be ... man-flu!
The Australian journalist Naomi Toy put it best:
For those unfamiliar with this insidious condition, man flu is a lot like the common cold. So much like it in fact that many believe it is just a common cold. However once it takes hold in its victim — always male as the name suggests — it is completely debilitating and only complete bed rest and mollycoddling by the nearest and dearest female can treat it.
Not much you can disagree with there, is there?

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