Wednesday, August 22, 2007


All day long the Isle of Tiree has been shrouded in a sea harr. The chore of driving to work had to be undertaken with caution. Vehicles coming in the opposite direction (on single track roads, remember) were impossible to see until they were nearly upon you.

The plane was unable to come out to Tiree because of the poor visibility. That means no newspapers and no mail, for today at least.

Again, these slight weather blips fail to compare with what is going on in other parts of the world. Just for the record, my friend David and his family literally weathered the storm out there on the Yucatan peninsula.

Now I am starting to think ahead to the weekend. Myself and Joanne, Fifi, and Ann and Joe and their kids are heading over on Saturday. I'm taking my vehicle so we can load the stuff up. It's only a short distance from the pier on Coll to the community hall, where we'll be camping but just the same having a vehicle means no one has to carry tents and other camping gear with them.

The Coll Half Marathon sounds very well organised. There are something like twelve water stations on the route but as I am only running 6.2 miles of the course (10k) less than six of these will be on my route.

That evening there's a barbecue and a dance in the hall. I don't find it easy to run 6.2 miles without stopping - I really don't! - so if it all goes well I will be having a wee celebration that night, for sure.

Fifi and Joe will be power walking. These two are remarkable. They've both lost a lot of weight and look really well on their training regime. Joe's wife Ann will be running. Unlike me she can really run quite fast so I expect to see her disappearing into the distance.

Me? I only want to finish. I have abandoned any ideas of setting personal records. I will put on my headphones and just plod my way to the end. I am determined that whatever anyone else is doing I will run at a pace which is comfortable and, above all, I will enjoy myself.

Joanne isn't taking part in the sporting side of things this time. Instead, at the end of my run, she has undertaken to cool me off with a towel and tell me what a great guy I am.

Actually, I made that last bit up.

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