Saturday, August 25, 2007

Misty #4

For the fourth morning in a row Tiree is shrouded in mist.  This morning there's a slight variation on the theme: it's raining, not heavily, but enough.  The wind is about 20 mph WSW which should be OK for the 10k route on Coll this afternoon.  But you know, it's also warm.  The word from the Met Station is that it's currently 15 degrees Celsius out there.  As you can imagine, that's making for a muggy morning thus far.
The forecast is that the sun will break through in the early afternoon so keep your fingers crossed for us.
Last night I visited Fifi, and Joe and Anne and picked up their stuff.  Only slight unknown at the moment is that when I booked we had to be placed on the waiting list.  But we're only going a short way, just across Gunna Sound.  Surely they'll squeeze us on somehow ... ?
If not we could face a last minute panic as we'd have to carry everything on the boat with us and that would be a nightmare.  There's three tents and associated camping equipment in there.
We had a lovely evening last night visiting Joe and Anne.  We spoke about running and power walking and shared the fact that we all go through our personal battles with that wee voice that whispers into your ear why are you doing this, stop it you fool!  A good laugh was had by all.
So: we pick up Fifi at 09:45 so that we can get down to the pier in plenty of time and suss out the situation.  Lots of photographs, hopefully, when I get back.  Catch you later.

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