Tuesday, August 21, 2007

David Peach and Family

Do you remember my friend David? A little while ago he sent me a video from Long Beach, California, which I put up here on the blog and he wrote and produced the Podcast about David Livingstone which I helped to voice. He also contributes regularly to the 'comments' section. Well, David and his family live in Merida, Mexico. As I write this, Hurricane Dean is heading straight for their town. So please spare a thought for him and all the folks on the Yucatan peninsula. This storm has just been upgraded to a category 5 - that's winds in excess of 155 mph. According to CNN, Dean is gusting up to 200 mph. Man, that's scary.


dpeach said...

Thanks for your kind words Gordon. So far everything is holding strong. We have had some rain and the wind is getting wonky. It will get far worse before it gets better.

If we lose power (or should I say when), and the storm is past, I will try and get word back to friends and family that all is well. I have someone who will update my ministry website with the news. That information will be at: www.dpeach.com.

janis cuevas said...

One co-worker arrived from Jamaica on Friday just ahead of the storm & another is on her way to Belize and Yucatan, Mexico as we speak. I hope her spanish is good enough to follow safety directions!