Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yo ho ho and away we go.

Soon we will be on the high seas, travelling to the mainland. It's a lovely journey, especially if the weather is half-decent. Today the weather out there in the Passage of Tiree and the Sound of Mull will be just so-so. Truth be told I usually spend a good part of this journey asleep. (My wife will tell you that I spend more than a fair share of my life asleep - even when I'm awake.) On these holiday jaunts down south it is always a good idea anyway. When we eventually get off the boat in Oban I will first of all be driving to fuel up and then I will be driving south, to England. England is, as you know, rather a large country but at the moment I can't be anymore specific than to say 'we are heading for England'. It all depends on fatigue. By Sunday we will definitely be in Yorkshire. As usual we will be doing a big of camping - organised camping, though, none of this 'wild stuff'. We like a shower in the morning and a bit of civilised comfort. But as for this afternoon or rather this evening? I'm just not sure. Many times in the past when we have made this journey on a Saturday we have tended to end up in Carlisle. Maybe we will again.

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