Thursday, July 26, 2007


By popular demand I hereby publish a picture of the evil rodent who may or may not have caused me actual bodily harm while I was in York.

I'm sure you will agree with me that this vile creature has evil written all over its cute little face.

Look at those eyes. Pure evil. If you were to stick a 'thinks' balloon on to this photograph the squirrel would be saying "that's right, matey. Snap away. But just wait until your back's turned!"

My advice to you is to commit this ugly mug to memory.

If you see the squirrel do not approach it. Rather, fetch a policeman.

Seriously: a slide show with commentary coming up over the next few days and more reflections on my holiday.

Tonight, Jo and I are off to see The Defenders at An Talla. This will be an interesting gig for me as it will be the first time I've seen the boys play live since I left the band last year.

On a musical note (no pun intended) if you are on Tiree at this time remember that When Rona's Boat Comes In takes place at An Talla this Saturday night. It's a family affair but you can also bring your own bottle if you wish. There will be live performers playing traditional Scottish dance band music.

Additionally, there will be some aging crew-cutted hippie playing a short set of (hopefully) well-known pop classics on his battered old acoustic guitar. Wonder who that could be?


J. Scott Cameron said...

thanks for the photo of your buddy gordon. what a cutie. you should have brought him home for your cat to play with.

for more info on your new friend check out:

next time you are back in York don't forget to bring a long a bag of peanuts for your pal.

cheers, scott.

Jen said...

a squirrel born of pure evil...