Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A mermaid found on the beach at Greenhill

Apparently, around about 1795, a mermaid was, indeed, found on the beach at Greenhill. The transcription of a deposition by a Colin MacNiven makes for a good read.

If I understand this document correctly the deposition was made just prior to the 'mermaid's' remains being exhumed, some 18 years after they had been buried.

As you will see, this document is part of the online archive which can be found at the relatively new
An Iodhlann site. On the off-chance that you don't know, An Iodhlann is the historical centre - a museum and archive - here on the Isle of Tiree. Please do visit their wonderful site and, when you visit in person, go along and say 'hello'.


J. Scott Cameron said...

aye gordon, pretty sure i saw a real mermaid too while i was enjoying a bottle of cab franc one evening high on the hill overlooking the beach of balephuil facing the east after i had gone for a swim in the early evening in the high rollers. was it a mermaid or was it the wine?

Jen said...

isn't greenhill a zone in sonic the hedgehog??? i'm sure mermaids would be the norm there...