Monday, July 16, 2007

Greetings from York

If you had seen us yesterday it would have been a case of 'greetings' as in 'crying'. To say it was wet here yesterday in York doesn't do justice to the monsoon-like conditions. Jo and I got well and truly soaked on two occasions. Last night when we got in from the movies we were drenched through. Maybe we deserved it. Like two cultured adults we went to see Shrek the Third. Honest. Jo really enjoyed it. However, the real highpoint of the evening for me at least was the trailer for the new Simpsons movie. I laughed like an idiot.

Today everything has changed. It's sunny and it's dry. We don't feel like we're getting a bad case of trenchfoot.

You know how I said we were heading for the campsite we always go to? (Did I say that?) Allerton Park turned out to be completely choc-a-bloc. That's the first time we've been turned away from there. Serves us right for not planning properly. Anyway, most of the regular campsites about York seem to have been taken over by the Caravan Club and I think it's their policy now not to allow tent campers of any description on their properties.

So we found abed and breakfast about a mile's walk away from the centre of town. £42 per person per night. Ouch! And you don't get very much for that, I'll tell you.

This morning we've been walking about, shopping a little bit. We went into a cool shop called Sacred Earth. You can imagine from the shop title the kind of stuff they sell. I got myself a cool little thumb piano from Bali.

I bought myself a new fascia for my beat-up old Nolia 3510 and somehow in the process of putting it on I've blocked the SIM card. Does anyone know how I can unlock it? It's asking for a PUK code. I haven't a clue what that is. When Jo phoned up on her phone it went through a long set of instructions only to tell us in the end that it doesn't work on a Nokia phone. How wonderful.

(Hmmm ... I have an old Samsung in the house ... maybe I can unlock it with that when I get back?)

I've been firing off the camera at everything that moves this morning. Unfortunately I can't load them up from here - I'm typing in the basement internet cafe at the City Screen.

I think that's about it for now. Tomorrow we move on to Suffolk. Tomorrow it will rain and rain and rain. The only solace I can take is that it's going to be raining everywhere in the UK. That helps. Sorry.


J. Scott Cameron said...

good morning gordon (afternoon where you are). great posts. glad you are getting away from it all and having a wonderful vacation. cheers, scott.

Anonymous said...


There is a guy at the Market in york who unblocks mobiles, like a dyno rod for telecoms.dont for get to visit the chocolate factory before they close it down.

Good Luck

Jen said...

a puk code is the code you have to enter if you have blocked up your phone (duh), and i think you get it by phoning up the help desk or something. but how you are going to do that with a blocked phone beats me

Jen said...

p.s. the sun shines bright on tiree...mwah haw haw!!!