Thursday, July 19, 2007

Greetings from Suffolk

... the public library in Stowmarket, to be more precise. We had a lovely lunch yesterday with our old friend and living legend Peta Truscott and then basically chilled for the rest of the day. Tonight we are all off to the pub in Scole for an 'update' of the Canterbury Tales, out in the open air. Should be great.

Before I go on any further let me say a big thank you to everyone who has messaged or emailed to offer me advice about my mobile. Unfortunately, I'm now getting a 'SIM card is rejected' message when I try to start the phone up so there is no way - at the moment at least - of accessing it at all. I'll figure something out. In the meantime, Joanne and I are sharing her phone.

The past few days have not been without incident. On Monday while wandering through the Abbey Gardens in York I met with a little accident. I saw this cute little grey squirrel cavorting under the trees. I took to the grass and was clicking away, managing to get him to come and pose almost right in front of the camera. Everyone around me was going 'aw' and 'ah, how cute'.

Very pleased with myself I turned to walk back on to the road, stepped off the kerb and - CRASH! - I was flat on my back, in a bit of pain.

I have two theories about what happened. The first is that I stepped off the kerb but hadn't noticed there was a sunken drainage grill exactly where I put my foot. I misjudged my footing. That is all.

The second theory is more sinister. The squirrel, fed up with my attentions, waited until my back was turned and drop-kicked me Jackie Pallo-style, sending me sprawling. As ludicrous as this sounds I have a close up said squirrel taken seconds before I fell down and evil intent is written all across his face!

The end result was a bloody knee, elbow, fingers. I was a brave soldier, however, and managed not to cry. I was wearing a rucksack (just in case Jo wanted to shop) and it absorbed a lot of the impact.

Anyway, I have loads of pictures to show you but I don't think I'm allowed to download them here in the library so that will have to wait until I get Wi-Fi access or get back home.

Next on the agenda: we are about to leave Stowmarket to go across to Beccles to visit Harry and Doris Howe and their son Martin. Harry and my father were cousins although I don't think they ever met. They may not have even been aware of each other's existence! So, I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the morning with them.

In the morning it's off to Dover to meet up with my other second cousin, Jeff Howe.

Better dash: talk to you soon!


Jen said...

sounds like you need to get a new sim card and that will sort the problem. they dont cost that much, i dont think. stay away from the password section, it's more hassle than its worth

J. Scott Cameron said...

great post gordon. no doubt everyone is having a great time. i was laughing out loud reading about the squirrel (not about you falling though..hope you are a-ok). i am surprised the squirrel didn't do a little dance on your nose when you were down. keep having fun. all the best. heading to, to spectate and test out the course for next year, friday, back monday. cheers, scott

cally said...
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cally said...

Hi, I wanted to say that I was very sorry to hear that you were hurt, but the story about the squirrel had me in stitches! I would love to see the photo that you described of the squirrel seconds before you fell looking evil! Please post it!


cally said...

I meant the squirrel looking evil...not you!!!!