Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good Morning from Carlise!

Good morning, one and all.  Gordon here, typing at 06:30 while his dear wife slumbers.  And why shouldn't she?  It is, after all, very early on the second day of our holiday.  I had it in my mind to get up and go for a run but it is very built up in this area and as I don't know the lay of the land this may be a bad idea.  We'll see.
Here are my notes from Tiree Pier, Saturday morning:

Raining.  Mix up with our booking.  Got on just the same.  Busy boat.  Loads of cars.  Loads of bikes on top of cars.  Glad we got here early.  Hope it's The Clansman today.  Feel sorry for the Cal Mac guys out there collecting tickets and registration cards. Police just arrived in the form of Danny.  Seems to be looking for someone.  Excitement!  Spoke to a friend down at the pier who filled me in about the high jinks at the Lodge Hotel.  The very well liked ceilidh combo The Vattersy Boys have been at the Lodge Hotel for the past couple of days and there have been all sorts of impromptu jam sessions.  I heard the feis tutors dropped by on Thursday night and that the place was going like a fair!  Unfortunately, casualties have been sustained.

So, we are in Carlisle this morning.  Here are the notes I made last night:
We entered the land of the old enemy at about 7.15 pm and, noticing Joanne had fallen asleep again I pulled over at a Travel Lodge.  Food.  Drink.  These were our priorities.  Joanne ordered Aberdeen Angus Meat Balls in spaghetti.  I had a cheese burger.  You should have seen Joanne's face when her meal arrived!  There was about five meal balls and a bit of spaghetti in a tomato sauce.  I, on the other hand, had a plate overflowing with burger, chips, vegetables … lovely grub.  I felt so sorry for her I shared my chips with her and even a bit of my burger.  So, it's just gone 8.41 pm and it's time for a wander out for a pint.  Actually, we each had a drink with our meal and the price of the two drinks was almost as costly as the food!  So, no more of that!  I received a text from cousin  Jeff who was curious about our progress.  He thought I was doing quite well distance-wise given the fact that I am not exactly a youngster.
I asked local workers staying in this Travel Lodge where the nearest pub was.  The Coach and Horses.  Of course, it would have to be wouldn't it?  The pub turns out to be on the corner of California Road.  So in we go and it's the Amir Khan/Willie Lomond fight, live on ITV.  Or, to put it another way, England versus Scotland.  Willie put Amir on the deck in round 4 (or was it 5?).  High hopes on the part of Joanne and I.  Oddly enough, the pub, really got fired up at this point.  The replay of Willie sticking it to Khan was greeted with approval.  Anyway, in the next round Amir, by way of retribution, broke Willie's jaw and the fight was stopped soon after.
(Sorry if boxing offends you.  The only reason I enjoy the odd bout on the television is that my father was a boxing nut and I seem to have grown up with an appreciation of how this sport works.)
Whether or not I go for a run this morning the plan now is breakfast and head down to Yorkshire.  There's a campsite we have visited regularly over the year, near a place called Knaresborough, west of the city itself by about twelve miles.  York is simply one of our favourite cities anywhere.  Once again I will take loads of pictures of the city.  Just like I do every time I go there.
And of course as soon as I find a wi-fi point (this one is costing £5 for an hour) I'll post the photographs and some more text.
So off I go, out to the car, where I will make the decision to run or not to run.
Oh, but one thing before I go: we paid by cash to stay here last night and yet we were still asked to provide proof of our identity.  I thought that a bit strange.  Security I suppose.

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Janis Cuevas said...

More info please on the Vatersay Boys and the casualties at the Lodge. We enjoyed a fantastic night of music and booze at the Castlebay Hotel bar last September when the "Boys" dropped in for a concert. I can't get out of my mind the sound of them playing "The Gael" from The Last of the Mohicans. Amazing!