Friday, July 06, 2007

Deep Fried Bus

My friend from Bedfordshire, John Andel, dropped in to see me this week.  It was a very brief visit.  Not only to me but also to Tiree.  John came off the ferry with his little car, dropped it off at my house in  Cornaig, and then I took him to the airport.  John and his good lady Fran come to Tiree 'officially' in about a week's time. 
While John was here we met a really nice couple, Iain and Natalie.  If you're reading this on Tiree you may have seen their big black bus.  It has white ribbons on the front.  That's right, Iain and Natalie are on their honeymoon.
The reason why I mention them is because John told me as soon as he saw their vehicle on the road on Tiree - and the fact was soon confirmed by my nose - that theirs was a hybrid vehicle.  Iain and Natalie's vehicle is running on alternative fuel.  And it works.
Put it this way: as the vehicle went past me I thought to myself, 'I think I'll have fish and chips from Iain's van tonight'. 
Actually, the smell was much stronger and perhaps not just as nice as that which comes from Iain's fish and chip trailer.  I'm really glad to see that this is one of the 'success' stories on Tiree at the moment.  If you're visiting Tiree and you're looking for something different for your lunch or evening meal check out 'Tiree Mobile Catering'.  At the moment Iain is mostly situated in Crossapol.
You don't need exact directions: just follow that lovely aroma.
Now, ok: this is deep friend food.  It's something I try not to indulge myself in too often.  But you know, now and again is fine.  Treat yourself. 

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