Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And how are you today?

I know I was on holiday in Inverness last month and that I shouldn't moan.  But I'm about to anyway. 
I mean, why is it that the days leading up to a holiday seem to drag?  Every time you have to haul yourself out of bed to go to that place requires such an effort.  And yet here we are, Tuesday.  Tuesday morning.  And then, why is it that when you actually get away on holiday the time goes so fast?  
I wonder if the holidaymakers on Tiree are finding that time flies when you're enjoying yourself?
As usual for the time of year Tiree is really busy.  I never have a problem with the island being so busy in the summer.  We're not exactly overrun.  I find the vast majority of visitors to be very friendly if not downright nice.  On the odd occasion, when you say hello to a visitor for no other reason than saying 'hello' you can see they are a bit taken aback.  Same when you wave in the car.
But most of the folks - just about all of them -  'get into the way of it' very quickly.  I think they are relieved to be in a place where people will shoot the breeze or even just say hello for no other reason than to be friendly.  And then there's the other small stuff, like in the Co-op when you let someone who has just one item go before you.  Or stopping to offer a lift when it's raining.  And asking, 'how are you today' and having the expectation of being asked the same back.
The only thing that scares the willies out of me about some visitors is that now and again one of them will pull into the wrong side of a passing place.  So every time I see a car towards me on the single track roads I indicate left just to send a clear message about what side they should be going to.  Keep left, whatever side of the road the pocket is on.
The Tiree Feis is on at the moment.  I'm sorry not to be able to go to Donald Black's 'moothie' classes.  I would love to play the mouth organ properly.  Unfortunately neither my wife nor my daughter will tolerate me practising in the house.
However, the event does not seem to be flagging due to my non-attendance.  There are loads of cars at the school every single day.  Maybe Donald will come back next year.
For a list of what else is happening on Tiree this month, CLICK HERE.

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Janis Cuevas said...

Must admit that Manuel and I love all the waving and friendly folk when we visit the isles. In LA you might get your head blown off if you came accross as too friendly. Manuel has made the dive to the wrong side of the road too many times to count. He just throws up his arms and shouts "I'm American!"
Seems to work.