Sunday, June 17, 2007

Video Blog: Crossapol Beach 17th June 2007

Today has been a really good day. I got up early, run 7.6 miles. Then later on Joanne and I went for a walk in the surf down at Crossapol Beach. This is another beach on which I occasionally run but this afternoon we were intent on simply walking along in our bare feet, the sand between our toes, the water sometimes up to our knees. CLICK HERE.


dpeach said...

Thanks for sharing Gordon! That is nice. I can't imagine how beautiful Inverness must be if you are excited about leaving Tiree for a few days to visit there.

J. Scott Cameron said...

excellent video gordon. lovely "mermaid" joanne is too. have a wonderful vacation starting tomorrow. congrats on your 7.5 miles today. all the best, cheers, scott

janis cuevas said...

No fair Gordon. That used to be my beach. My heart breaks when I see Joanne paddling in the sea. Wish I was there.