Thursday, June 21, 2007

SLIDE SHOW: Inverness June 2007 and Culloden Moor

Hello folks. Here I am back on Tiree after a quick visit to Inveness. The weather was mixed but by and large we really enjoyed ourselves.

I thought I'd try something new tonight. You should be seeing a slide show above, a short series of pictures I took while we were away. If you hover your mouse over the presentation you can see play/pause controls. If you double-click on the slide show you can enlarge the photographs to full size.

What you'll get it a series of random photographs I took while I was away.

Unexpectedly I took a trip to Culloden Moor, a few miles out of Inverness itself. I've never been a sympathiser of the Jacobite 'cause'. Like all the Royal Stuart family, Prince Charles Edward Stuart - 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' - was spectacularly bad at listening to good advice.

This family trait ultimately led to the slaughter - some would say execution - of thousands of clansmen on Culloden Moor on 16th April 1746.

As a recent song has it:

Oh tell me will we never hear the end
Of poor bloody Charlie at Culloden once again
He ran like a rabbit down the Glen
Leaving better men than him to be butchered

Culloden is an eerie and sad place, a testament to the abrupt termination of the Highlanders' tribal way of life. On the day I visited it was raining hard, somehow fitting.


Janis Cuevas said...

Lovely pictures Gordon. I've never made it to Culloden but I do love the monument to Prince Charlie at Glenfinnan.

J. Scott Cameron said...

excellent pics and text gordon. nice to see you made it to culloden. i was there in 2000, inverness too. thanks for the memories. slainte, scott