Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Song: Canada


Today I have posted my new song, 'Canada'.

This song hangs on a running metaphor. The first verse is about me wanting to go to Ontario and see my running buddy, Scott Cameron. Then in the second verse the song recalls the people who were run off Tiree in the 19th Century.

It only lasts about two and a half minutes so why not give it a listen?

Click on the 'listen to my music' link, right opposite, near the top.


Petraruns said...

Hey Gordon - I've been hearing about you on Phedippidations for years, have heard your music there and recently saw you pop up on the runningmates blog. Finally made it over to your great blog today and have been catching up on some time.. Love your Canada song. And I hope to inspire you - my family and I are about to head off to Canada through a home exchange ( and that might be an idea for you? I'm sure plenty of people would lOVE to visit Tiree. Anyway - it's a thought. keep up the great music and blog- I'll keep reading!

janis cuevas said...

Really enjoyed the song Gordon.When we visited the outer isles last year the effects of the clearings were very evident and sad. Hopefully there will never be another event like that in Scotlands future

J. Scott Cameron said...

Great song Gordon! Let's go for a run in Canada! Slainte. Scott Cameron