Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monkey Mind

An overcast and colder morning here on Tiree. The weather is expected to get warmer in the afternoon, which is good. Joanne and I need to get out to the car and give it a clean out and freshen up in anticipation of our trip to Inverness on Monday.

I went for a run this morning on Gott Bay. There was a small plane parked on the beach almost opposite the Lodge Hotel. I've heard about small planes landing there in the past but this is the first time I've seen one there with my own eyes.

I'm really looking forward to this short break on the mainland. You may have sensed from my last blog that I'm a little 'skunnered' at the moment. Work was challenging this week but things ended on a high. That's great because now I can really enjoy myself next week with a clean conscience.

Inverness, Joanne and I go back a long way. We first visited there a year or so before we were married. Health and fitness wasn't on our minds then so much as hard partying and blowing the money I'd made in the summer vacation.

I was playing in a pop-funk band at the time and trying hard to be cool. One of my discoveries on that first visit was a little junk shop. In it I found a second hand copy of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits, the double album with the white gatefold sleeve. When I took that back home and played it to my trendy friends most of them just didn't get it. At that time Roy was definitely not 'cool' and they couldn't figure out where I was coming from.

I still have that album somewhere. Long ago I bought the CD version and every now and again it gets played.

For the rest of this morning the plan is to go to the Post Office and then go for something to eat. Maybe at An Talla. A nice couple we know, Mark and Fiona, have established a cafe at the hall and they serve some tasty food. I've mentioned this before, haven't I?

When I am away in Inverness I will make some videos and post them when I get back.

Because it wasn't such a great week for me I've fallen behind in my training schedule. I should have run 14 miles up to and including tomorrow, Sunday. So far I've managed to put it 3.8. That's still 10.2 to go, isn't it? I always was hopeless at mental arithmetic.


dpeach said...

Since you are cleaning the car for the trip, I assume you have a ferry that takes you back and forth? How long of a ferry ride is it?

My wife grew up near a town in Florida named Inverness.

Gordon Scott said...

David: the ferry journey is almost four hours. We leave here, drop in on the Isle of Coll and then journey through the Sound of Mull, arriving weary and ready to roll in the town of Oban.

Hmmm ... do you think Inverness in Scotland was named after that town in Florida? LOL

janis cuevas said...

we have a "town" called Inverness in California too. It's just north of San Francisco on a stretch of coast that is remakably like Cornwall of all places