Saturday, June 30, 2007

It Can't Happen Here ...

Well, folks, it just did happen here. I won't give you a full run down on the terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport this afternoon.

That's what Google's for.

This afternoon the official opening of the Scottish Parliament took place. One of the pundits, a guy called Dominic Diamond, was asked if he thought the security was a bit 'over the top'.

Dominic thought it was. 'Everyone likes us,' he said. No one would ever launch an attack against the Scottish.

I can see how he could be so complacent. During all of the Irish troubles and the bombing outrages on the UK mainland, Scotland remained untouched. But there were good reasons for that.

And again, I'm not going to go into that here.

Dominic's point of view - to be rendered absurd within hours, as it turned out - probably reflected the pop vox of the Scottish people. We felt safe. We felt secure. All the bad stuff happened in London.


And you know, I'll bet you the two guys involved in tonight's attack are Scottish.

It is happening here, my friends. Probably it happened at Glasgow Airport because it couldn't happen at Edinburgh. The Queen was at the opening. Security was extra tight.

But it is happening here. Be vigilant. And don't, for a moment, stop to think about how we became the target for these terrorists in the first place. That will really screw up your mind.

I found Gordon Brown's statement tonight refreshing. It was short and it was short on the dramatics we've come to expect from his predecessor.

I leave you with this thought: don't you think that the appointment of Tony Blair as the UN envoy to the Middle East is the most bizarre thing you've heard in many a day?

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