Saturday, June 30, 2007

How Many Duckies?

Something I left out of my earlier blog was the number of duckies that went overboard. There were 29,000 of them. So the chance of finding one is quite high, I would have thought. My fascination with this story probably says a lot about me. There are only two places in the world I ever wanted to stay in. One was Tiree, the other was Sesame Street. The latter features a very big yellow bird. And please don't tell me there isn't any such place. My wife has tried that one and I didn't fall for it.


Janis Cuevas said...

In the lab I work in we use water baths from a company called Precision. With every water bath purchase you get a rubber ducky. And yes, we fight over who gets to keep the new one.

dpeach said...

I will keep my eye out for any stray duckies over here in Mexico. That would be so cool to find some of those.

Tell your wife that she is in denial about Sesame Street. She just must have some fear of large birds that she is trying to hide.