Thursday, June 07, 2007

Been there, got the t-shirt.

Sorry - did I forget to mention my participation in the 2007 Boston Marathon? How could I forget? I've had so much on my mind lately ...

As my niece, Rachel, recently said to me, 'Aye, right!'

Last week I got a load of stuff in the post from my friend, Scott Cameron, over there in Guelph, Ontario. Scott did run in the Boston Marathon and, in horrible conditions weather-wise, he put in a stunning time. Before the race I cracked a deal with him: if he sent me a t-shirt from the 111th Boston Marathon I would send him a t-shirt from the 2nd Annual Tiree 10k.

Well, I got my t-shirt ... and more! Going through that package felt like Christmas had come early. There was the t-shirt but there was also an enamel pin bearing the BM logo, a Canadian flag pin, an official program, a media guide, notebook, editions of the Boston and Guelph papers that had reported the race and other bits and pieces too numerous to mention.

What a great guy!

Unfortunately, there's a slight delay in getting the 10k t-shirt back to him (and to another friend, Janis, who lives in California): the number participating this year far exceeded last year and Will simply ran out of shirts (as well as medals!). So, a new batch is being prepared and should be here soon. Thanks for your patience, Scott and Janis.

Still on the subject of running, the Coll Half Marathon is going ahead this year. The event takes place on 25th August. A 10k and a 5k are being run on the same day and I'm going for the 10k this time around. The way my training schedule is working out I won't be ready to run a half marathon until October - the 2nd Annual World Wide Half Marathon. I was delighted, therefore, to see that there are shorter races.

Also in October I'm taking part in the Baxter's Loch Ness Marathon but again I'll be taking part in the subsidiary 10k race.

What a glorious day on Tiree. The temperature is somewhere between 14.5 - 15 degrees centigrade, there's a slight northerly breeze, not a cloud in the sky ... anyone would think it's summer!

I am working from home today and went for a run on Balephetrish beach at lunch time. Just marvelous.
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janis cuevas said...

I remember fabulous days on Tiree with not a cloud in the sky and you could see forever. I long to be back visiting - maybe in 2009 with friends from the US who have been listening to me rattle on about the Hebrides since I was a teenager. By the way Gordon, I have 2 labradors at the moment. My black boy is named Coll and my yellow female is Gunna. My previous black female (she died in 2003) was Tiree - so you see I have daily reminders of the isles!

J. Scott Cameron said...

aye gordo. great to hear (skype) and read that the package arrived.

if the shirt fits - wear it. next up - run it! the boston marathon.

all the best gordo. keep smiling, running, etc., etc. hi to joanne and all. all the best with your upcoming races. man, you read like a running addict - boston, tiree, coll, loch ness, etc., etc. i would love to run a few gigs across the pond one day.

cheers, scott

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd posted this already but seems to have disappeared. I have a medium T shirt from the 10k if that's any use. I picked up a 'large' bag but the shirt was the wrong size. Will is going to give me one from the new batch so you can have this one if you want. Let me know and I'll bring it up at the end of the month. Peter