Sunday, May 27, 2007

VIDEO BLOG Tiree 10k 2007: The morning after ...

Hi Guys! I'm afraid there is no 'before' and 'after' video. Unfortunately, the batteries ran out on the camera after a few stills had been taken by a friend while I was out on the course.

The day was not a complete success - but it wasn't an absolute disaster.

I ran the course in 01:03, three minutes off target. But, that was still three minutes faster than last year.

I've decided to tell the whole sorry story in a video. Click on the photograph above to watch me sitting in the car, talking about my race. Warning: this lasts about 11 minutes!

I forgot to say a couple of things. First of all, Joanne walked the course in 01:40, twenty minutes faster than she did in 2006. Well done, darling.

The other thing I meant to say was that I watched Rocky IV before heading out to run, to get pumped up.

Maybe I should have watched Rocky I instead.


dpeach said...

Anyone ever tell you that you sound like David Livingstone?

I can tell the race was a disappointment, but you will figure it out and do better next year.

I had a similar experience for my second half marathon. I ran 10 minutes slower than my first one. I was better trained and prepared. But, I felt so good at 8 miles that I did not hydrate and eat well like I had planned. It all fell apart around 10 miles for me.

8 months later am I still disappointed? Yes. But not as much as I was and I know that I am much better prepared mentally to handle this year's race.

J. Scott Cameron said...

hi gordon. i loved your video and your spirit. keep the chin up gordon. this is your second tiree 10km and a pb! i am so proud of you. you have pd'd this course on saturday. i can sense your heart to improve. that is the spirit. you will reach your goal. it's up to you. every race you learn from. i know you can reach your goals. the best race is yet to be had. you know it. better yet, i know and so do you. with your ambition i and many others know you can do it. we know you will not quit. anyone can quit...that's not you. i love the medal. last year's was a beauty. this year's is unique too. by the way i love your cat crawling around. congrats on joanne's super walk and to the two of you on the tiree 10km quizz. keep the rambling videos coming. joanne is looking great drying the laundry. how folds it....gordon? ; )

cheers, scott

Jeffers said...

What ho.

Firstly, what is that, a Renault Espace or a Nissan ?!

Really sorry it didn't go the way you wanted it to. This is kinda hard for me to understand as I don't have a sporty bone in my body ! Having said that I have plenty of competetive ones. They usually show themselves when it comes to taking the best photo'.

Can I tell you the 2 things that jumped out to me the most from your blog ? And this is meant to be constuctive...although you probably already know what I'm going to say.....

A little way in you talked about being 51 and overweight (aren't we all!) and either you are need to do this competetive sports thing properly or not at all...then at the end it was grand Prix and a couple of beers ! I think you're right; all or nothing !

Having said that, I think you should be proud of your achievements thus far - I couldn't run a fever without having a coronary !


Drusy said...

You're too hard on yourself Gordon!
You're a star! While most of your peers are armchair athletes, your a real one - a runner. OK so you're not an elite runner, but you're healthy, fit and have a partner to share your aspirations with. You're a winner!

I took your video as inspiration and added a video clip of my race to the bottom of my blog. I think I need to work on technique!

Gordon Scott said...

Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging messages.

Anonymous said...

a few points gordon.
your time should be your last concern.
when other things are in place then the time will take care off itself.
(1) you need to keep to a strict running regime.decide each week how many miles or length of time you want to run.then stick to it rigidly.
(2) time every run and record it and analyse where improvements can be made.
(3) aim to have 1 longish run per week...........upwards of 10 miles.

(4) work on your body flexibility...this is a long haul.

(5) run in a straight line........obvious, yeah, but do this and its an indication of focus and means you're thinking.

(6) repeat....regular regular regular........this will get your weight down and your motivation to improve up.

good luck and maybe we'll see you in the san diego marathon!!!!