Monday, May 21, 2007

Missionary Talks: David Livingstone

My new friend down Mexico way, David Peach, contacted me by email this morning.

You may recall me telling you a couple of days back that David is a missionary taking the Gospel to the deaf people of Mexico. That's David and his family, above.

David was mailing to let me know that Part 1 of his podcast about the life of David Livingstone is now online. And yes, it features yours truly in the 'role' of David Livingstone.

I know it would be a great encouragement to David if you went to his site and downloaded the podcast. It is free, of course, and, though I say it myself, it makes interesting listening.

Part 2 comes out next week and there will be an opportunity to download the only thing as one complete podcast shortly after that.

To get more information click here.

I'd like to thank David for asking me to contribute to the podcast. I enjoyed taking part.

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