Friday, May 04, 2007

Last Man Standing: Rest In Peace, Tarzan

By a bizarre coincidence, Gordon Scott, the actor who played Tarzan, mentioned a couple of days ago in this blog, has died aged 80. The other 'Gordon Scott' I mentioned, the Scottish singer-songwriter living in Holland, replied to an email I sent to him remarking on the coincidence: Hi Gordon, thanks for getting in touch, I had a look at your blog, looks like you're keeping yourself busy on Tiree!! Liked the music by the way!! I have a confession to make, Gordon Scott is my stage name, my real name is Gordon Falconer (Falconer kept getting spelt wrong over here so I decided to make it easier for the venues). I'm coming over to Scotland in July with my fiddler, unfortunately we won't be on Tiree, but if you're on the mainland do come and see us & have a pint (the dates and venues are on the website).

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet you pretended you were the Gordon (tarzan) Scott, teehee.