Sunday, May 06, 2007


Last Friday night Joanne, Jenny, our two friends Catriona and Fiona, and yours truly (of course) headed over to the Lodge Hotel for a wee refreshment to celebrate Jenny's 24th birthday. Apparently I had a great time.

That apart it's been a disappointing weekend. The wind has really picked up. It's been gusting up to about 54 mph today. Joanne and I tried to venture out for a walk but managed only 2 miles. It doesn't look like the wind is going to die down any time soon, either.
Should have known, of course: tomorrow is a holiday.
In other news: Joanne had left the Co-op and has gone to work at the Crofters' Commission offices in Crossapol. Next door, that is, to where I work. There's something nice about going to work together in the morning, I must admit. It also means an extra hour in bed for both of us, should we so wish it.
Joanne is really enjoying it so far. Looks like this has been a good move for her.
As the weather is so depressing we've finalised - or at least finalised the first stage - of our holiday this year. In July, Joanne and I will have been married 25 years. We had originally planned to go back to the town in Scotland where we went our honeymoon - a hotel in Pitlochry, in Perthshire.
Unfortunately for us the hotel we spent our first few days of married bliss has now been converted into a backpackers' hostel. I suppose we could go back there; we could even ask for the same room. We'd probably get it, too. Only thing is we'd be sleeping in bunk beds and sharing the room with another four people.
So now we are heading down south to see recently discovered relatives. Although my Father was an Aberdonian his Mother - my Grandmother - came from Dover.
Like me, my Father had a long and kind of impressive name. He was Charles Nestor Howe Scott. The CNH bit always intrigued me. One day, about two years back, I 'googled' 'Charles Nestor Howe' and this came up, right at the top of the page:
Check it out. I was amazed. First time of asking, I found out that my Great Grandfather was called Charles Nestor Howe, that he was something of a hero, and his Great Grandson, Jeffrey Howe, had been doing a whole lot of genealogical research on his family in Dover.
So I contacted Jeffrey Howe. He was as gobsmacked to hear from me as I was to learn about him. His Father is my late Father's cousin. Does that make us second cousins? I don't know for sure.
Whatever, I'm heading down to Dover, Kent, in July to meet him. His Mum and Dad now live in Suffolk where I will visit them and hopefully also visit my Auntie Barbara - my Father's sister - who also lives in Suffolk.
What a fascinating trip this will be.


Jeffers said...

Nice piece; Really looking forward to seeing y'all.

It ought to be said also, that Jeffery Howe is very young, compared to Gordon ! :)

J. Scott Cameron said...

great pics / blog gordon. nice to see you had a great time for J's 24th. congrats too to joanne's new job. wow re: CNH and family ... that is neat. hey, if you end up at the hotel / hostel in Pitlochry, in Perthshire with all the beds in the hostel room you could bring along your wedding party, family and friends to celebrate your 25th! ; ) cheers, scott.

Jenny said...

wow. followed that link. that was well weird sesing past generations of our family. wouldn't it have been weird (and creepy) if the links had continued and there was a pgae about you...or me...but they probably didn't really know about us till your e-mail