Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tiree Inspirations Epilogue

I am writing this sitting up in bed, my laptop on my ... lap ... reflecting on what a lovely day it has been weather-wise, work-wise and running-wise (I ran a total of 5 miles today) ... and thinking about 'Tiree Inspirations'.

In the photograph above you see (left to right) Fifi Munn, me, and Fiona MacLeod, three of the participants in the 'Tiree Inspirations' programme, set up and co-ordinated by Will Wright and Doc Holliday.
You'll remember we were taking part in a programme to improve our all round fitness and well-being. It started in January and finished a couple of weeks back. Will asked us to turn up at the business centre today wearing our official 'Jog Scotland' t-shirts so he could take a picture for An Tirisdeach.

Run and walk and cycle as much as I like I still struggle to keep my weight down. Not so the ladies who power-walked their way to fitness, losing over a stone each in weight.

Later in the photo session we were joined by the other male participant, Willie Angus MacLean. Willie is a well-kent face among the wind-surfing fraternity on Tiree. His main aim was to keep his fitness levels high during the off-season.

Also taking part in the programme was Liz Lapsley. Liz's main aim was to improve her diet - not so much in the quantity she eats but the quality. Liz also reports good results.

Hopefully, what we've acheived as a group might inspire other folks on Tiree to think about their lifestyle and fitness levels. Read all about it in this week's An Tirisdeach, which should be on sale tomorrow (Friday).

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J. Scott Cameron said...

awesome, you fine folk are the picture of health! what's your secret? tiree kelp / seaweed? if so you best bottle it and market it to the world. all the best. keep at it. you are an inspiration to many. slainte, scott cameron / maclean ... descendant of the isle of tiree!