Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm not him and he's not me either ...

An email today from someone called Sandy Steward. Sandy writes, Hello,are you the actoe (sic) who played tarzan? Can u send me an updated picture of yourself? Its for my husband, he used to watch all your movies, thanks.

Probably one of Gordie's pals, this. Even if you spend mere moments scrolling through this blog you would come across a photograph which would convince you that I was not this guy:

So I decided to send 'Sandy' the Wikipedia link to the Gordon Scott entry. That was at the top of the page. About a quarter of the way down the page, 'Gordon Scott's Tiree Blogspot'. But sandwiched in between 'Tarzan' and I was this guy:

Gordon Scott: Scottish singer/songwriter. Naturally I did a bit of a double-take. When did I put this site on the web? Then I noticed that it was a Dutch website. What the heck was going on? Did I have a strange parallel life in another dimension?

But no, there is another singer/songwriter called Gordon Scott and he is indeed Scottish. He's been living in Holland for years now, apparently. How strange.


J. Scott Cameron said...

Tarzan of Tiree on top of Bien Hough - Gordon Scott! That's the Tarzan I know. It must be Gordon.

You Tarzan Gord. Where's JoANnE?

Definately a song in the making of this story.

Jen said...

actually, for a laugh i wikipedia-ed my name and the names of people i know. i came across 'you' being tarzan. was going to tell you but totally forgot. i do believe you were fond of tarzan a long time ago.