Saturday, April 14, 2007

Affordable Housing On Tiree

Following on from my blog posting of last week regarding the price of housing on Tiree I am glad to report that Joanne, Jenny and I have at last found a property within our price range.

This humble yet homely cottage is located in Crossapol. It might look a bit small but we have checked and I can report that the three of us will fit. And you CAN swing a cat in it - at least you can vertically.

At the moment we're still trying to come to a decision. We haven't made a bid as yet. But if we do, and we are successful, and, if you're ever passing the door, do come in for a cup of tea. Of course, if you do visit one of us will have to go outside.

1 comment:

janis cuevas said...

Nice choice Gordon, but will the 3 of you plus the cat fit in at the same time!