Sunday, March 04, 2007

Glasgow Diary Part Two

Glasgow 26th February 2007

A shorter run this morning. By contrast with Sunday, the streets of central Glasgow this Monday morning were very busy and as I went on my short little jaunt I was having to dodge in between the poor people heading off to work. In all, I ran for only about fifteen minutes but hey it was something. Bearing in mind that I’d had a pretty late night the night before and that there was alcohol involved, well, I did ok!

After that, a continental breakfast in the hotel. It’s a very healthy option, this. In fact, they don’t do anything other than continental. Suits me. This hotel serves the lightest, tastiest croissants I have ever come across.

Then it was shopping. And a little more shopping. Once we did that, we shopped some more. Yes indeed, when the poor exiles from Tiree get back on the mainland they sure do make up for lost time. Our reward at the end of it all was lunch in an Indian restaurant. Businessman’s, of course.

Now we are suitably rested and getting ready to head across the river to Pollokshields to meet up with Chris. More later.

Glasgow 27th February 2007

I said yesterday I would talk to you later. Well, here we are, almost 24 hours later. You wouldn’t need to be a fortune teller to predict that Chris and I would really celebrate seeing each other again for the first time in nearly ten years. And boy did we push the boat out. As you will see from the photographs liberal amounts of alcohol were consumed last night. And what a laugh!

Chris is one of those people – we all have them – who has played and continues to play a formative part in the person I am. My life would have been the poorer by far if I had not met him all those years ago at Bell College in Hamilton.

It goes without saying that I’ve been paying all the day for last night’s revelry. Consequently it’s been a lazy day. We went out for a walk in the morning, Joanne did a little more shopping. Then we went to a nearby pub for lunch called Molly Malone’s. An Irish pub. Joanne had Irish Stew with soda bread and chips. I had a steak burger. Oh – and a pint or two of the black stuff.

I had a snooze this afternoon and it seems to have done the trick.

This evening we go to a play at the Citizens’ Theatre. It’s called The Bevellers and was written by Roddy MacMillan (who played Para Handy in the classic BBC comedy series The Vital Spark). MacMillan has been dead these many years but I remember him also as a fine dramatic actor. And this play, of course. Joanne saw a production of this play the very same Citizens’ Theatre before we were married. It will be very interesting to see if this production stirs memories for us.

Well, that’s just about 5 o’clock. Time to stir ourselves into action and get ready for going out.

Glasgow February 28th 2007

I’m continually amazed at just how cheap it is to buy a ticket to go see a dramatic production in Glasgow. The Bevellers was a great show.

Bevelling was the craft of finishing and edging glass, a long lost craft now, one long ago superseded by machinery. The play was about one lad’s first day as an apprentice in a bevelling shop in Glasgow and the relationships between the workers.

A braw piece of work.

Rain. Wind. We just can’t seem to get away from it. It was pouring last night. The wind whistling down the streets of central Glasgow gives you the impression of being in a wind tunnel.

This morning it was more or less the same. I went out for a run about 08:00 and soon found myself suffering from sore arches and shin splints. What’s that all about? So I stopped after about twenty minutes and headed back into the hotel.

We had nothing definite planned for today so we wandered about a bit. We dropped into Queen Street station so Joanne could go to the loo. There was a promotion going on: Healthy Living for Workers, or something like that. A kind lady gave me a bag containing a bottle of water, a banana, a little travelling toothbrush, a pen and – most importantly of all – one of those stress busting squeezy things. That’ll do for work.

We decided to go to the pictures tonight and went in to book tickets at the cinema just down the road. This cinema has 18 theatres in it. I decided to take a picture of Joanne buying her ticket and nearly got jumped on by this guy who told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

“Cool,” I said. I thought for a second he was going to grab the camera off me. I showed him I was switching it off and that seemed to satisfy him.

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