Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Glasgow Diary Part Three, Pictures and Video

Glasgow 1st March 2007

Wow! March!

Hot Fuzz, the movie we went to see at Cine World last night, turned out to be great, Like ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ it was a comedy gore-fest with some surprisingly good action scenes, particularly towards the end. Some nice twists, too.

Chris phoned while we were having a night cap in Molly Malone’s. I was asking him for advice on simple movie editing software and he informed me that the very laptop on which I am typing this has a program called Windows Movie Maker. Well, I’ll be! According to Chris this should be just what I’m looking for.

Today is our last full day in Glasgow. I intend to get down to Jamaica Street, visit a store called Sound Control. I need new guitar strings and a couple of other musically related bits and pieces.

Then we’re heading up to Glasgow University. As this is our 25th anniversary year we decided we should drop in to the University Chapel, where we were married all those years ago.

Tonight it’s down to the Tron Gate and the Tron Theatre for a play called Dissocia. I have no idea what this play is about and only booked it on the strength of grea reviews from the Fringe.

Amazing to be back at the University Chapel, where we were married all those years ago. The place hasn’t changed but then you wouldn’t expect it to.

We took a few pictures and also this video:

Click Here to Play Video

We didn’t add the spooky music by the way. When we were in the chapel it appeared to us that a music lecturer was given a group of students a performance of modern music for the organ. It was all a bit strange.

Student Elections: This could have been a scene from my young day ...
Later we did indeed go to the Tron Theatre to see Dissocia. It was all rather disappointing, a play of two halves and the whole didn’t work, not for Joanne or myself.

And so tomorrow it’s back on the bus to Oban. We’re staying at Harbour View in Oban overnight. How quickly the week went but we really, really enjoyed ourselves. The key was forward planning, booking shows, knowing what you were going to be doing.

This is where my diary of our trip ends. Normal transmissions will now resume.


J. Scott Cameron said...

congratulations gordon and joanne on your 25th wedding anniversary...and many more. is the 25th as scarey as it sounds on the video blog? ;) great to learn connie the cat is purring around close to home. i'd post a photo of "digger" my son's hamster i am looking after, but the cute rodent sleeps all day, plays all night. what a life. h'mmm, i wonder how connie the cat and digger the hamster would get along? aye, looking forward to watching tonight's film on TV tonight here in canada, filmed in 1945 on the isle of mull ... "i know where i'm going" hi to all. slainte, scott

Clare said...

Weirdly enough, I got on your blog from the Tiree site as me and friends are planning to go there.

And then I saw pictures of Glasgow Uni, where I study, and just outside the QM, where truth be told I spend more time not studying =p

I probably walked by that picture just after/before it was being taken haha!

Gordon Scott said...

Clare, don't worry - I spent far too much time in the QM bar than I should have. I was one of those guys who left the GUU because it wouldn't admit women at the time. God, that was a long time ago! The best bands were in the QM, into the bargain. Thanks for your comment. Hope you enjoy your visit to Tiree. If you see me around say 'hello'.

Jeffers said...

I stayed in the Malmaison in Glasgow in about....mmmm....1998 ? Was very nice indeed. Had my hair cut in a place just down the road form there, cost £25 ! Not worth it if you saw how much hair I had. Shopping was good ! Not sure about the creepy organ music on your vid !