Saturday, March 17, 2007

Campsites and Songs and Running and Acting and Hats In The Air

Now - today's competition question: how did an ugly guy like me manage to get off with a beautiful woman like this?

Yes, this is another one of the phtographs from Chris' archive, taken by his late brother Paul. That's Chris on the right, of course.

I seem to remember this was taken about 1982 - the year we were married - and that Paul was experimenting with lighting.

Hats in the Air: it's gusting over 50 mph here on Tiree as I write this. It's just gone 7:30 in the evening. A bit of hilarity at the Tiree Motor Company earlier: while filling up the car my hand went flying into the air and landed about 100 feet down the drive in a huge puddle. Luckily it was my waterproof Lowe Alpine cap. I eventually managed to recover it but not without getting my poor feet wet.

I'm in another play. Well, not quite a play. Our drama group is putting on a little show called Tales of the Sea at An Talla on the 28th, in the evening. I've not been able to attend the classes as often as our tutor, Becky, would have liked and I guess she's a bit disappointed in me. However, one thing is for sure: the other members of our 'troupe' - including my wife and my daughter - have been putting their all into the upcoming performance.

Everyone - apart from me, that is - wrote something for the show. Particularly, I think young John Angus MacKinnon's writings and talents indicate this guy as a major talent for the future. If you're able to attend you'll be able to see me and Jenny in a short play he wrote.

Campsites: in this week's edition of An Tirisdeach I read of Willie Angus MacLean's plans to start up a small campsite adjacent to his croft. Great idea. Long overdue. But I wonder what the implications are for 'wild' campers?

Creatively, my whole week has been taken up recording a Hank Williams song entitled 'The Lost Highway'. For some reason I really connect with this song, a precautionary tale about 'not doing what I have done' I suppose. I've now got it online and you can listen to 'The Lost Highway' by clicking the link, top right.

I love this song. I worked hard to keep the 'live' feel of the recording. But there was some extraneous noise while I was recording - it might just have been the wind outside my window - and that was difficult to deal with.

Anyway I've had some really nice feedback from folks about the song and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

I was talking to my friend Neil Munn a couple of hours back and he said he couldn't get the Podsafe things to play. I know what he means. Sometimes I double-click, then I one click, then I triple-click - eventually the song starts playing. I won't criticise the folks on Podsafe because they're putting my music out there for me to an international audience for no charge. I just wish this worked better when you clicked ont he song!

Oddly enough, this song, 'The Lost Highway', my version of it, was played today on a Mexican podcast. How weird to hear my name and the song in Spanish!

Well folks, that's about it for tonight. Oh, I forgot the running. Yes, I'm behind with that too! The next Tiree 10K is earlier this year, May. As far as the Tiree healthy living option is going, the ladies are winning. It's a Fiona thing. Fiona Munn and Fiona MacLeod have lost loads of weight by keeping to their schedule.

Me? Let's not go there.

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