Sunday, March 25, 2007

25th March 2007: Scarinish

A beautiful day on the sunny isle. This morning I was out and about on my bike. Here's a short video showing Scarinish. This was originally the 2nd part of a two part segment but the first part didn't turn out too good.


J. Scott Cameron said...

aye gordon, loved the video. thank you. sunday morning in scarnish on the shores of the atlantic more so inviting than running the 30km "around the bay" in hamilton, ontario, canada on the shores of lake ontario ... the oldest race in north america ... some say the world! by the way 5+ stars to you mate re: william frame. no doubt we have all been there. i am looking forward to the lyrics and chords by gordon scott re: william frame.

tj.forever said...

hi, nice to visit your blog. I just went to Loch Lomond yesterday. To be honest, I love Scotland. Oh, I am living in Glasgow. Is Scarinish in Scotland?
Although I am living in Glasgow for over 10 months, I don't have too many chances to hang out. umm. anyeay, I am glad to meet you here.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gordon that was so fun. Please do more walks with video. We distant descendants of Tiree enjoy all of the Tiree news on your site. My Mom and sister will be visiting the island in May so maybe you will run into them. We are from the McLean and Kennedy lines.