Thursday, February 22, 2007

2nd Video Attempt

Well folks, they say that practice makes perfect. I certainly hope so. Firstly, this is too long. At only 11 minutes playback time it took ages to upload to Google (as opposed to You Tube, which I might go back to). Also, there wasn't enough light in the room so the image is grainy. But anyway, if you want to see this second attempt - this poor second attempt - please click on the image or CLICK HERE. I talk about T-shirts, Skips, Paul Bowman and my plans for the coming week. Bear with me - it's all a matter of lighting, setting the correct picture quality, etc. One thing's for sure, you'll certainly hear me ok!

Here's a bit of advice. After the image loads it might be too big. On Google Video you are better to adjust the screen to 'the orginal size'. To do this you click on a little downward-pointing arrow at the bottom right hand side of the screen to get the options. Select 'original size'. The picture will be a lot better if you do this.


Flora Garden said...

I found your blogger occasionally when I searched Tiree Island. So I spent some time in your blogspot and found the articles you published were all very interesting. Are the songs all sung by yourself? If yes, it is so perfect. I like them. By the way, you are so handsome when you are young...hehehe.....enjoy your life!

Gordon Scott said...

Thanks for your message Flora. Yes, all the songs are written and sung by me. It's very much 'work in progress' and I'm always messing about with them, trying to make them a little better. As for 'looks' - how quickly time passes! I hope you have a good life too!