Monday, December 25, 2006

What a happy looking guy ...

Well, good morning all, and, of course A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Isle of Tiree. Going by the picture above, wee Gordon got everything he hoped for this Christmas. He got a new digital camera, the new Bob Dylan album, a Maglite for reading comics under the covers, a boxed set of The Doors' albums, a Celtic FC scarf and hat ... I'm a lucky little lad, today.

And talking of today we're heading off to Elephant's End across at Gott Bay for our Christmas lunch. The three of us. Never before in the history of our family have we gone out for Christmas lunch. Joanne wasn't amused when I announced it was part of her Christmas as it meant she didn't have to cook food this Christmas.

After we get the lunch out of the way I think it's back here for Christmas TV or DVDs (Superman Returns or Pirates of the Caribbean 2? Hm, decisions, decisions ...) and of course a little snooze will be worked in there somewhere.

The one present I really wanted is the one I didn't get. I suppose my cat Connie must be dead. That's nearly three weeks since she went missing. She just disappeared, hours before we got back from Oban. Somehow I just knew at that time that something was wrong ...

Oh well, that's 12.30 and we sit down to lunch just before 2 o'clock. Time for the Scott's to start queuing up to use the shower!
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