Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Wanderer Returns

I heard a commotion outside the house at about four o'clock this morning. Two cats having a fight. Next door's cat, Tabby, likes to mix it a bit with the local felines so I just assumed some stray had been caught out crossing our lawn. But I decided to check it out anyway. It simply couldn't be Connie out there, getting duffed up by Tabby - not after nearly three weeks.

So I lumbered downstairs, opened the door.

And in she ran, my wee cat Connie!

She was meowing like crazy and she was obviously starving. After cuddles - which revealed that she has indeed lost a tremendous amount of weight - we fed her and took her upstairs where she slept on top of our bed.

Today's photograph was taken in our kitchen at about 04:15.

What a relief to have her home.
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J. Scott Cameron said...

Great Scott's! 4 in the family now! Welcome home Connie. What a fantastic Christmas miracle Gordon! Cheers, Scott Cameron - Guelph, Ontario, Canada