Friday, December 01, 2006

To go or not to go ...

Tomorrow - or tonight, we're just not quite sure at this point - the three of us are heading off to Oban to do a little Christmas shopping. We hope to squeeze in a trip to Glasgow as well.

A boat on a Friday night in the winter time on Tiree? What happened was that yesterday's regular sailing was cancelled due to 'adverse weather conditions'. Violent Storm 11, actually.

So a boat - not sure if it's the Lord of the Isle or the Clansman - is coming out to Tiree this morning, going on to Barra and Lochboisdale, and then coming back here this evening.

We think tomorrow's boat - the one on which we're booked - will come in but I just had a look at the forecast for tomorrow and it's talking about 40 mph during the night, calming down to 29 mph as the morning wears on. So now I'm sitting here at 8.20 AM and I'm not sure what to do.

A quick conference with Joanne I think. And of course the pier, just to make sure we can get on tonight.

By the way, I have Google alerts set up to tell me every time a new item featuring the word 'Tiree' appears on the Internet. Every other day I get a false alert because the writer intended to write the word 'tired' and accidentally wrote 'tiree'.


Neil said...

Google alerts is a great tool - I have been using it for many years with the word 'Tiree'. It is quite amazing the number of times the word crops up bearing no relation to the acutal island. Keep the good work up with your Blog Gordon - I miss your website.

Gordon Scott said...

Hi Neil, Yeah, lots of people miss the old website. Sometimes I'm tempted to go for it again ... but there are so many other things I want to get into, get done ... but I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I make no pretension about it, this is just a diary of sorts. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it, keep in touch. Gordon