Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sad Old Sunday

We just had a good laugh at the weather man on Sky Television. Due to the weather, so he says, there is risk of flooding in Scotland. Oh and something else: winds are set to gust up to 65 mph in the north west.

The reason we laughed is, well, we've already noticed. Our back yard is more or less a shallow pool. The sheep in the field across the road are stoic but I daresay their wool will seem very heavy when they start to float around. The wind is whistling under the door and water is appearing on the window sill in this, my 'study'.

The sky is slate grey.

Sorry, am I depressing you? If you're reading this in the UK you're probably having to put up with the same crappy weather. If you're in Australia or South Texas can we come to your place on holiday for a few weeks? Months, even?

Tomorrow I am 51. It's incredible. A whole year since I had my big party at An Talla. 2006 went by so quickly. I achieved a lot of the goals I set but there are a few biggies lined up for 2007.

A few things have changed. I'm no longer singing with The Defenders, for instance, but I'm glad to report that the new line-up will be playing at An Talla on the 29th December. If I can possibly make it I'll be there. It'll be strange watching the band as opposed to actually performing but I still don't regret my decision to leave. I've got so many things going on just now.

The recording continues to go well. Four hours I was at it last year. But there won't be any CD in time for Christmas. My original plan was to give the CD to friends as a gift but the project is taking longer than I thought.

I was intrigued to read Scott Cameron's piece on the junk packaging that came with his new Gillette razor. He made some good points in his blog (see sidebar for the link). What gets me about these razor manufacturers is that they seem to bring out a new 'improved' version every couple of weeks.

About a month ago a friend and I were looking at the razors in the Scarinish Co-op here on Tiree. I drew his attention to the 'new' four bladed razor and joked about how long it take for the manufacturer to find a way to sell us the concept of a five-bladed version.

Well wouldn't you know it? It's here. It's in the Co-op. Right next to four-bladed vibrating wet-shave razor David Beckham seems to like so much.

Is it possible to make a six-bladed razor? Surely not ...

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