Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sad Old Sunday 2

15.45: That's when the power went down. The only thing is, is the power outage local or is it island wide? Will we be playing Cluedo tonight instead of watching crap on the television? I just checked out the readings from the Tiree Met Station. It's giving only a 32 mph constant with gusts of 42 mph - but I don't know about that. The barometer is going down rapidly although right now it's sitting at 991. But believe it or not this wee island is recorded as having the highest constant temperature over the last 24 hours - at 8.1 degrees centigrade.

16.17: God Bless the boys from The Hydro. That's the power back on. Seems it was a local fault. Good on 'em for going out on a night like this.

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