Monday, December 18, 2006

Isle of Tiree Online News Archive

A few days back my good friend Scott Cameron pointed reminded me that it was almost a year since we lost our dear friend and Tiree photo journalist, Neil MacKinnon. I still mourn his premature passing.

Neil, of course, was an enthusiastic photographer and his reportage from Tiree was renowned the world over.

Scott reminded me further that there is always a queue of people looking for images of Tiree. That's when I remembered the IOTON pages - Picture Store, and so forth - are still out there in cyber space. It's just that they're a little inaccessible at the moment.

So I've started to trawl the vaults again and make the best of IOTON available at this site. If you look at the sidebar you'll see a new heading - 'Isle of Tiree Online News Archive'. This is where I'll put the links to the rescued pages.

Today we kick off with a beauty, from October 2000. I called this one 'A Sunday Wedding on Tiree' and it was one of the first special features I put online. In fact, IOTON had just gone 'live' a couple of weeks before so I was still at the experimental stage. But I hope you enjoy looking at this, either 'again' or for the first time.

I also have loads of genealogy information in the IOTON posts and I think it's about time I made this available once again.

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