Friday, December 29, 2006

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

A wild and windy day on the sunshine isle, with winds gusting up to 70 mph in the morning. Driving was interesting. Coming across the reef today I had to steer left to keep going in a straight line. Oh and then I got bogged down in the machair at a friend's house over in Baugh. Good old Simon came to my rescue with his Land Rover and a sturdy nylon rope.

The Defenders are playing at An Talla tonight but unfortunately I can't attend, as much as I'd like to. I have a 07:00 rise in the morning and I don't want to wake up feeling 'tired'. All the best to the lads and especially Billy on his first outing as lead singer.

Today my song 'Easy Living' is featured in the Phedippidations Podcast. I've spoken about Steve Walker's excellent and highly entertaining podcast on this blog before so I won't bore you. The song features fairly early in the show so if you want to listen online or download the podcast go to

Thank you to everyone who emailed me to say how glad they were to hear about Connie's safe return to the bosom of her family. She's painfully thin and very reluctant to lose sight of us for very long. Just now all she really wants to cuddle in and feel warm and secure.

Needless to say, she's confined to quarters for the meantime.
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