Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wild Weather

Man, it is wild outside and probably set to get wilder. I was out at work fairly early this Sunday morning - before 8 AM - and it was fairly mild then. Just about 10 AM the wind picked up. It's now gusting at anything up to 60 mph out there and set to get stronger.

I had another one of THOSE days. I stopped by at a skip to throw a bag of garbage in for a friend. I had stowed it in the foot well of the passenger side of the car. I pulled up at the skip, rolled down the window, picked up the rubbish and threw it into the skip.

Next thing is I see my mp3 player go flying past my nose, out the window and into the skip after the garbage bag. The little earpieces had fallen over the passenger seat and somehow got tangled up with the bag.

So it was out of the car and into a skip full of crap to retrieve my mp3 player. It could only happen to me.

Today's photograph was taken on our recent trip to Oban. We'd gone out one evening to the place down by the north pier (I think that's what you call it), the one that specialises in Italian food. I put the camera down below the ice bucket with our bottle of wine and took this rather grainy photograph.

It looks rather incriminating but I have to admit that Joanne drank little of the white wine and the lager bottle was also mine. Still, she looks rather merry, don't you think?

So anyway, we're battening down the hatches tonight. The gale force/storm force weather is set to continue into the morning and way beyond. The Met., Office is forecasting gusts up to 70 mph.

See you at the other end - I hope!

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J. Scott Cameron said...

Aye, Gordon. A very upcoming Happy 25th to you and the lovely bride Joanne. If you plan to arrive in Canada be sure to give me a wee notice. Rest assured the good Isle of Tiree Descendants in Guelph and make will be sure to show the two of you a good time. Not to worry, there is lots of room in the Clan Cameron Croft. We will even get out for a run and bike. No doubt we will find a race to compete in. Cheers, Leanne, Archie, John, Ross and I ... all of Guelph! (Lots from Mull in the area too and others from Tiree nearby too) Rest assured we can also take the two of you on a tour of the area. Speak to Lachie - he knows all the sites. Catch ya later. NB - great FAST 10km run tonight in the cold dark - you would have loved it - no wind!