Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tom Cruise

I watched a great movie tonight.

On Sky Television.

When we came to Tiree 13 years ago we didn't have Sky Television. In fact, as far as I can remember the technological revolution was really yet to get into full swing, here on Tiree or anywhere else.

Back when I came here I remember finding it difficult to get typing paper. I had to order from the mainland and have it sent over. Same with cassette tapes. If there was an 'Internet' movement in the UK in those days I don't remember hearing about it.

In fact when I came to Tiree fax machines completed amazed and baffled me.

Everyone had a catalogue.

Over 13 years everything has changed. So much so that - by the wonders of the internet - I can contact my boss in Oban quicker than someone down the corridor from him. I will email him or I will phone him on his mobile.

Fax machines are old technology.

As for the catalogue you can always get it cheaper online if your 'shop around' on the world wide web.

For four years I hosted a very popular Tiree website which kept folks living all over the world in touch with this little island.

Every thing has changed.

When we came to Tiree we had trouble getting TV reception wherever we stayed. Then we finally bit the bullet and got Sky. It hurt me because Rupert Murdoch isn't one of my favourite guys. But we did it anyway.

Now we have great reception, something like a thousand channels (if we want to pay a little more) and still nothing to watch.

But I have to admit, Joanne and I just watched a great movie. It was called 'War of the Worlds', it was directed by Spielberg and it starred Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise. What a guy.

Like most people on this planet, I find Tom a strange guy.

I've more or less always liked him as a 'blockbuster movie' actor. I don't ever expect to see him do Shakespeare but that's not what expect or even want from him.

But he's not a terrible actor. Far from it.

What bugs people about Tom is Tom. Tom's been acting weird lately. I don't go in for putting people down for their religious beliefs and while Scientology is a bit 'iffy' in my book no one is getting hurt and there are some positive things you can say about it.

Most of the criticism has been down about Tom in Love. There was that totally strange episode where Tom was leaping about Oprah's settee, shouting out his love for his then fiance.

Everyone knows how he has criticised people for taking medication to heal their ailments rather than ... well, whatever Scientology prescribes.

So when I lined up War of the Worlds tonight for our evening's entertainment I had a reservation or two at the back of my mind.

But the movie was brilliant. As always, Spielberg's direction was superb. And there wasn't the usual overly sentimental conclusion which mars a lot of his work.

But Tom was great. The script was great. The special effects were awesome.

The movie had me and Joanne on the edge of our seats. It was scary and exciting.

Fast paced. And unpredictable. Well , unpredictable up until the point where the aliens got the flu and died. Or had a tummy bug. Something like that.

Tom needs to wise up. I think it's a shame - but totally understandable - that Paramount let him go. By all accounts it's a shame, too, for Mission Impossible: 3. Those is the 'know' think it's a really good movie. It's just that no-one wants to go and see it because they're all pissed off with Tom.

He's married now, of course. That should calm him down.


marathonchris44 said...

Gordon - thanks for the visit to my blog! I haven't visited yours in awhile....very interesting. Tiree sounds like a cool place. My husband visited Ireland about 9 years ago and loved it (was on the Western side - Shannon and other places I can't spell). Someday he needs to take me back - we can find Tiree.

Hope your running is going well also and that your wife is there to rub your feet!

Gordon Scott said...

Well, not much running at the moment I must admit. i've got the bug, though, and I really aim for a healthier lifestyle in 2007, with a few races and other stuff. I'm about to hit 51! I wish I'd thought of this stuff about 25 years ago!

helan said...

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