Friday, November 17, 2006

Something In The Bedroom

When I got home from work today my dear wife Joanne insisted I follow her upstairs to the bedroom. She had something she wanted to show me.

Well folks, I was tired, it had been a hard day. But when you get an invite like that from the missus, well ... what else can you do but follow.

Turns out she'd bought us a new matching pillow-case and duvet set. And yes, that's it in the picture above. Kind of cute, eh? As for the motto 'sleeping is an art' I endorse that whole-heartedly.

My friend Scott Cameron, the guy I was talking about in this morning's blog, sent me back an email to remind me that he actually lives in Ontario, that he ran 12 miles a week after he completed the NYC Marathon and that he finished that race in 3:26:59 - not 3:27 as I stated.

Of course the last correction is offered by Scott somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But I have to say that if I was him I too would want that single second back.

Oh and by the way Scott - I'll be going to see Peggy and Bobby in a couple of days - I'll say you said 'hello'.

It's been one of these days. Today when I was parked in the company vehicle transporting people to the Lunch Club I tried to put on my fleece without taking off my seat belt, mistook Heylipol Church for a private residence and even attempted to put a coffee jar lid on the teapot.

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