Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not Intended As Medical Advice

An email from good friends in Canada:

Good Evening Gordon

An old fashioned Manitoba cure for colds and flu:

(1) get a large bottle of whiskey
(2) set out a rather large glass (8 oz or larger)
(3) Need to have a spoon and honey
(4) Fill kettle with water and Put the kettle on to boil.

Mix 1/3 glass whiskey, add a hearty dollop of honey, fill glass to top with hot water and stir.

Put on your flannel Pyjamas, place a hot water bottle beside your sock covered feet, and get into bed. Pull blankets up to your chin. Then slowly sip the above medicinal drink.

Keep repeating until you can't see your feet...(they may seem fuzzy).

Than go to sleep. You should be fine in the morning.

Keep well!!!

Warm regards from Wallace & Jeanette

Fortunately, I only just checked my email this morning.

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