Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Minister for the Islands

Interesting to hear Tiree man, Councillor Ian Gillies, on the radio the other morning. Ian was promoting the idea of the Scottish Executive appointing a minister for the islands.

Ian told the press, "We might never expect to realise the full potential of our islands unless they are represented at the highest level within the Scottish parliament by a minister responsible for their development, fate and future."

Iain is urging the Scottish Executive to look to the Republic of Ireland, which has only 30 inhabited islands and 3.4% of Scotland's island population, but for almost 10 years has had an islands section in a government department.

Ireland - and by this I don't mean Northern Ireland, which is, of course, part of the UK - provided Scottish Ministers with the inspiration to press on with the smoking ban in public places (even though this yet to be adoped completely south of the border in England).

Here's hoping MSP's take another leaf out of the Irish book.

My boss arrived on Tiree today. Among other things he told me how much he enjoyed reading my blog. I had no idea he did.

Days go by without my blogging. I think that's because sometimes not too much happens out here and I don't want to necessarily bore you with my reflections on nothing in particular.

Meanwhile, across in Ontario (got it right this time), my friend Scott Cameron is blogging like a man possessed and showing me the way. Check out his site down below in the side bar.

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